Road Safety Strategies (RSS)

Road traffic risks are one of the main causes of accidents and an issue to be addressed by companies that identify them as a priority in their hazards and risks assessment matrices. Companies which find this hazard a primary source of risk are not only those legally obliged to have road safety strategies (RSS).

Based on an in-depth analysis of the road risks and specific priorities of our clients, we document and plan the actions, mechanisms, and procedures to be implemented in order to prevent road accidents and slash traffic accident rates.

Road safety action plans developed by our firm are in line with current regulations on this subject matter, i.e. Law 1503 of 2011, Decree 2851 of 2013 and Resolution 1565 of 2014 of the Ministry of Labor, which specify the methodological guidelines for structuring RSSs. These plans specify the actions to be implemented by organizations to prevent traffic accidents with the support of management, which is to clearly define the areas to be involved, those who are responsible to undertake the plan, plus the monitoring and evaluation tools to be used. 

Our goal is to ensure safe mobility and guarantee the health of workers based on the best practices of professional transport and other relevant aspects that must be duly addressed, such as vehicle safety, effective policies for the control of alcohol and drug use among workers, and the characteristics of mobility in urban areas, among others.

It is important to note that pursuant to Article 12, Law 1503 of 2011, any organization or company in the public or private sector which has motor or non-motor fleet vehicles exceeding ten (10) units, or which hires or employs drivers, must prepare and duly implement a road safety strategy taking into consideration its operation and size. The latter is to be done in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Transport and should be integrated into the organization or company’s own Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).