Asesoría en seguridad
y salud en el trabajo

Design, develop, and implement occupational

health and safety management systems (OHSMs)


& training


in technical area


of the work accident

Psicología en seguridad y salud en el trabajo

aplicación de la batería de riesgo psicosocial

Securitas Consulting develops and implements avant-garde occupational health and safety (OH&S) solutions and risk management strategies. The firm is duly licensed to provide OH&S consulting. Under Resolution No. 11887 of October 7th 2013, duly issued by Bogota’s Department of Health, Securitas Consulting Securitas Consulting is enabled to provide OH&S services in the following areas of expertise:


The firm’s professionals in charge of carrying out our OH&S solutions have relevant licenses in their areas of expertise and experience in the fields they are involved in. Based on our years of practice we understand that our work in this area requires a multidisciplinary team that understands the risks and hazards associated with the different industrial and business sectors of the wide range of clients we work for. Therefore, our OH&S team has professionals in different fields such as doctors (MDs) specialized in occupational health, engineers, psychologists, physiotherapists and ergonomists. We are committed to implementing the best OH&S solutions with practicality, creativity and an innovative approach that integrates new technologies and, above all, strive for productivity and creating value for the companies we work with.

Focused on Prevention

Starting from an initial assessment of the risks and hazards faced by our clients we follow primarily a preventive approach. Our OH&S assessments are in accordance with the Guide for the Identification of Hazards and the Evaluation of Risks in Occupational Health and Safety (Colombian Technical Guide GTC-45), the Colombian Technical Standard NTC-ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) and the relevant standards pursuant to Resolution 312/2019 of the Ministry of Labor. 

Based on this approach, we seek to minimize the risks and hazards associated with the work carried out by our clients, eliminate their exposure to legal contingencies and safeguard the continuity of their operations.

We focus on ensuring due compliance of organizations with the regulations on safety and health at work, as well as with the standards in the matter, particularly ISO 45001: 2018 and Decree 1072 of 2015, according to the terms of the sixth chapter (6o) of the fourth title (4th) of part 2 of book 2, which regulates occupational health and safety management systems (SG-SST).

Results Based Approach

Beyond our preventive approach, we structure and undertake Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMs) according to an iterative design that enables our clients to continuously improve processes and maximize OH&S, whilst improving productivity and efficiency.

The implementation of the SG-SST is guided by metrics, which must ensure the achievement of quantifiable objectives. Our solutions in occupational safety and health are carried out within the framework of the following twenty services: