Occupational Health Surveillance and Prevention Programs (OHSPPs)

In Securitas Consulting team has broad experience in the development and implementation of Occupational Health Surveillance and Prevention Programs (OHSPPs), which track work-related injuries and diseases, assess occupational exposures to hazards, and make prevention recommendations for workers and employers. The programs’ findings are used to promote safer and healthier work environments. Grounded on systematic data collection and analysis on the health and safety of workers, we undertake effective prevention strategies to improve conditions in the workplace

OHSPPs are designed to minimize the negative effects of risk agents on workers exposed to occupational hazards that can potentially cause harm to their health or even be life threatening. Consequently, duly implemented OHSPPs are key to fostering a culture of safety and health in the workplace. OHSPPs are implemented by consultants, evaluators and outreach specialists that track patterns of work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities. Additionally, they intervene in situations with an ongoing risk of exposure by referring cases for technical assistance, develop and implement interventions that reduce the risk of exposure, monitor immediate and long-term health effects of occupational exposure, and train teams about adverse health effects from occupational exposures.

By means of identifying risk factors, prioritizing risks to be monitored, diagnosing and managing the improvement in workers' health, and identifying the necessary controls, we obtain quantifiable results in terms of health, safety and productivity, which can be followed up by using established OH&S indicators. The performance of OHSPPs is duly documented by our consultants in accordance with work plans, schedules, flowcharts, and metrics to ensure that objectives set are achieved and outcomes are properly evaluated.

Amongst the OHSPPs designed and implemented by Securitas Consulting our firm are the following:

OHSPP for the prevention

of hearing loss and hearing conservation (HL&C)

OHSPP for the prevention

of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)

OHSPP for the prevention

of repetitive strain injuries (RSI)

SVE for factors

of psychosocial risk