Corporate Risk Communication

The effectiveness of occupational health and safety (OH&S) management lies in adequate, assertive and cross-functional communication. Therefore, companies nowadays recognize the importance of duly informing their workers about the risks and hazards present at the workplace based on a systematic assessment approach. Additionally management is obliged to advise personnel on the preventive measures and the protection to be accounted for in order to meet the objectives set in occupational health and safety. Taking the latter into account, our consultants ensure information is properly communicated, bearing in mind the distinct traits of our clients and the different levels of proficiency amongst workers.

Evidence and good practices in OH&S confirm communication is key to ensuring healthy, safe and productive workplaces. In our practice we use different tools to undertake internal communication and strategies aimed at external agents. These mechanisms include visual communication (corporate videos, animated training), web-based tools (intranet, apps, apps, Software as a Service -SaaS-) and printouts (manuals, posters, brochures).

To meet these objectives we implement strategies aimed at the following corporate goals:

Use materials and training

with clear images and symbols, corresponding to OSH standards

repeat key information

in different ways, through written, verbal and visual formats

We integrate participation

active workers

We carry out activities

to assess understanding and appropriation of concepts

We train in communication

assertive to managers with teams in charge