Our team Securitas Consulting está compuesto por profesionales de alto nivel en sus áreas de competencia, que cuentan con conocimientos y experiencia consolidada en asesoría y gestión de asuntos jurídicos, así como en asuntos de seguridad y salud en el trabajo (SST). In Securitas Consulting we are passionate about what we do: finding and implementing solutions that create value for our clients.

And we are convinced that our clients are worth it. We work for responsible organizations that drive development, are fair, creative, practical, and seek to care for the communities in which they operate, as well as for their natural environment. We are committed to their entrepreneurship and want to be instrumental in their growth and development. 

The team is committed to the quality of our services and solutions. We also believe that accountability for our work and adherence to best practices is the best way to make ourselves known. 

We have a clear working philosophy to achieve our clients' goals. Ours is a team of qualified, honest, dedicated, practical, creative, and innovative professionals. 

We are solution managers.


Julio César Belalcázar Santodomingo

B. Sc. (Econ.) y LL.M., Director ejecutivo – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. Belalcázar-Santodomingo leads Securitas Consulting to provide the best and most innovative legal and occupational health and safety (OHS) solutions. Julio César is committed to exceeding the expectations of those who trust the firm, constantly working to implement best practices within the organization with creativity and practicality, focusing on results and leveraging new technologies. In his role as CEO, he is responsible for coordinating the teams dedicated to clients and ensuring that the firm maintains its relevance with value-creating solutions, allowing us to build long-term relationships. Julio César is a lawyer from the University of the Andes, holds an LL.M. from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU), and is an economist from the University of London. Mr. Belalcázar-Santodomingo serves as the legal representative of Terrenta S.A. (Collaborative Financing Company) and is a board member of Segurexpo de Colombia S.A., both supervised financial entities. He is also listed as one of the lawyers for the German Embassy in Colombia.

Languages: Spanish, English and German

Languages: Spanish, English and German

Juan Manuel Ruiz Trejos

Lawyer and B.B.A., Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

Mr. Juan Manuel Ruiz has a vast background in legal counseling, and before joining Securitas Consulting, he worked in prominent firms in the country as well as a major player in the oil sector. In the legal field, he has advised both national and international companies, particularly in corporate law, and he possesses extensive knowledge of the mining and energy sector. In his work, he integrates his understanding of business to ensure that legal solutions add value to the organizations working with the firm. Mr. Ruiz is a lawyer from the University of the Andes, with a specialization in Mining and Energy Law from the Externado University, and he holds a degree in business administration from the European University Business School in Barcelona.

Languages: Spanish, English and German

Languages: Spanish and English


Alejandro Acosta, Operations Director – Chief Operating Officer (COO)

El Sr. Acosta gestiona las operaciones de la firma y la eficiente deposición de los recursos humanos y técnicos de Securitas Consulting. Su trayectoria laboral la ha desarrollado en Alemania y Colombia, donde ha liderado el área administrativa y comercial de varias empresas del sector real, además de estar a cargo de las estrategias de expansión en América Latina. 

Alejandro is an engineer from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and his technical knowledge is an asset for organizations that require engineering solutions to enhance their performance and productivity.

Languages: Spanish, English and German

Languages: Spanish, English, and German

Jorge Ortiz, Líder en Desarrollo Empresarial – Lead of Business Development

El Sr. Ortiz lidera el posicionamiento de Securitas Consulting como firma pionera en soluciones jurídicas y de seguridad y salud en el trabajo (SST) que generan valor para nuestros clientes. Cuenta con experiencia en la estructuración de nuevos negocios y desarrollo comercial, además de haber liderado procesos de certificación ISO-9001 y para el Registro Uniforme de Contratistas (RUC). 

Jorge es administrador de empresas de la Universidad de los Andes con énfasis en negocios internacionales, cuenta con la certificación ISO 14001 Lead Auditor – Environmental Management Systems y es consultor del estándar EO100 para proyectos de desarrollo energético sostenible.

Languages: Español, inglés, francés e italiano.

Languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian


In the firm, we have a team composed of specialized lawyers, economists, and accountants to implement legal solutions that add value in the following ten practice areas:


Mateo Gándara

Lawyer from Universidad de los Andes, with emphasis in corporate and tax law.

Mateo has extensive experience in effective regulatory compliance in different organizations, guaranteeing due process in operations and projects carried out by private and public companies. He has been part of public inspection, surveillance and control entities, has experience in a multinational in the technology sector and worked in one of the main law firms in the country.

Languages: Español e inglés.

Languages: Spanish and English.


Sebastián González

Before joining us, Sebastián worked in important firms in the country and as a judicial assistant of the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca. Currently, Mr. González works as an associate, focusing on aspects related to the constitution and administration of companies and branches, as well as tax, customs and foreign trade advisory services, related to business management.

In addition to the above, Mr. González has structured commercial intermediation mechanisms, such as the commercial agency, franchises and distribution contracts, among others.

Sebastián is a lawyer from the Nueva Granada Military University.

Languages: Español e inglés.

Languages: Spanish and English.


Olga Lucía Clavijo

Ms. Clavijo has extensive knowledge and experience in taxes, treasury, billing, financial statement analysis and all accounting processes.

Olga Lucía provides transversal support for tax advice and planning offered by the firm. Together with lawyers specialized in tax law, he is in charge of the implementation of fiscally efficient structures and tax planning for companies, as well as for national and foreign natural persons.

Olga Lucía is an accountant from the Central University and has a diploma in International Accounting Standards.

Languages: Español e inglés.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Asesoría en seguridad
y salud en el trabajo

En Securitas Consulting disponemos de  un equipo de trabajo para el área técnica de seguridad y salud en el trabajo, compuesto de médicos especialistas en seguridad y salud en el trabajo, terapeutas físicos, ingenieros, psicólogos y técnicos en higiene y seguridad industrial. 

Our professionals implement effective occupational health and safety solutions in the following service areas

Industrial Safety & Prevention and Emergency Response

Óscar Puentes, Leader in Industrial Safety – Lead of Industrial Safety

Industrial engineer, with a master's degree in Integrated Management Systems from the International University of La Rioja and specialist in Health and Safety at Work, has more than twenty years of experience in the administrative and technical management of health and safety management systems in work (SG-SST) in different economic sectors. Engineer Puentes has served as Director of Engineering and specialist engineer in Industrial Hygiene and Safety in leading companies in the country.

Languages: Español e inglés.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Javier  Fernando Romero, efe de Prevención, Preparación y Respuesta ante Emergencias (PPRE) – Lead of Vulnerability Assessment and Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR)

Administrator in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) with technical studies in nursing and fire and emergency response. In addition to the above, he completed the firefighter course at the Official Firefighters Academy of Bogotá D.C. Javier, an OHS specialist and professional firefighter, is the Head of the PPPRE area in the firm, combining knowledge and experience in emergency prevention and response with best practices in occupational health and safety.

Languages: Español e inglés.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Luís Alfredo Rodríguez, Líder en Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo (SST) – Lead of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Luis Alfredo is an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) administrator with a Master's degree in Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management. Additionally, he is an official firefighter crew member in the Line of Fire. He has extensive experience in various areas of occupational health and safety, including the technical implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHS-MS) and epidemiological surveillance systems, as well as the direction of scientific research projects.

Languages: Español, inglés 

Languages: Spanish, English

TEAM IN Occupational Psychology

Luz Mary Galvis, Líder en Psicología laboral – Lead in Occupational Psychology

Psychologist specializing in Safety and Health at Work at the Universidad del Rosario, she has led the evaluation and intervention of psychosocial risk factors and the application of psychosocial epidemiological surveillance systems in different economic sectors. Since the appearance of the Battery of Instruments for the Evaluation of Psychosocial Risk Factors, Luz Mary received training in this matter at the Ministry of Health and has led its application by implementing innovative tools with technical support.

Languages: Español e inglés.

Languages: Spanish and English.

TEAM IN Ergonomics and Physiotherapy

Alejandra Roa, Leader in Ergonomics and Applied Physiotherapy – Lead of Ergonomics and Applied Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist specialized in Safety and Health at Work from the Universidad del Rosario, has a Master's Degree in Safety and Health at Work and Environmental Management from the same university. Alejandra has extensive experience in the development and implementation of occupational health and safety management systems (SG-SST), particularly in ergonomics matters, such as the design of workplaces, as well as the arrangement of tools and equipment. tasks to match the physiological, anatomical, and psychological characteristics and capabilities of the workers.

Languages: Español e inglés.

Languages: Spanish and English.