Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) Assessments

Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) concerns the application of psychology to improve the quality of work life and promote safety, health and well-being in the workplace. Our aim is to enhance work-family balance, phase out workplace violence and other forms of mistreatment, and improve psychosocial workplace factors that affect accident risk and safety. The firm’s OHP practice is especially focused on the transformation of work with flexible employment and modern production processes. Additionally we take into consideration changing organizational structures and the processes influencing the health and well-being of workers. In order to prevent organizational risk factors for stress, illness, and injury we base our work in the official organizational intervention established in Resolution 2646/2008 of the Ministry of Social Protection (now Ministry of Health and Social Protection). The process implemented by our firm also complies with the standards and practices in Resolution 2404/2019 of the Ministry of Labor, which includes Technical Guidelines for the Promotion, Prevention and Intervention of Psychosocial Factors and their Effects on the Working Population and its Specific Protocols.

Our aim with this standardized intervention covers not only the assessment of risk factors, but also aims to ensure the following results:

In order to assess psychosocial risk factors we use the following tools:

Additionally, we conduct a stress test amongst workers of our clients.

In terms of the psychosocial factors identified and assessed, these include both psychosocial risk factors in the workplace and outside of it. Risk factors in the workplace are related to labor conditions, including relationships amongst coworkers. On the other hand, risk factors external to the workplace are those associated with workers' lifestyles and quality of life. The firm also evaluates individual aspects related to the psychosocial characteristics of each particular worker. These aspects, in turn, include a series of variables that enable us to evaluate potential risk factors and establish actions and improvements.

Psychological risk factors are used to identify potential hazards, as well as to follow-up and improve the quality of work life within organizations. All information collected as part of this process is absolutely confidential. Our occupational health psychologists are duly licensed in OH&S and abide by the guidelines and standards in the International Code of Ethics for Occupational Health Professionals, the Code of Ethics and Bioethics for the Practice of Psychology and Law 1090/2006.


mental health of workers


the quality of work life and reduce anxiety levels


self-esteem levels and maximize efficiency

Reduce the risk

of depression and absenteeism


workplace harassment

A general datasheet

quantitative analysis

The official survey on psychosocial risk

The official survey on psychosocial risk

The official survey on psychosocial risk

factors outside the workplace