GAP Audits and Process Hazard Analyses

Audits GAP o análisis de brechas está enfocado en mejorar la eficiencia de las empresas mediante un estudio comparativo del desempeño real (actual) con el desempeño potencial o esperado. La revisión de los sistemas de gestión de salud y seguridad en el trabajo (SG-SST) y su funcionamiento como herramienta administrativa se lleva a cabo tomando como punto de referencia las mejores prácticas en SST y de gestión de negocios, particularmente los estándares de la Norma ISO 45001: 2018 – Sistemas de gestión de salud y seguridad en el trabajo – Requisitos y orientación para el uso (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for Use) and Requirements with Guidance for Use and ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality Management Systems - Requirements.Quality Management Systems – Requirements).

The firm’s goal is to assess management systems based on a clear benchmark and to introduce the necessary adjustments to obtain better results in terms of safety and health at work, as well as to maximize efficiency, optimize the company's resources and implement new technologies. This commitment GAP enables us to identify and register potential improvements in the workplace. Our consultants also have experience in process hazard analyses and assist our clients at all stages of engineering and management control, from concept design, process development, facility safe operation, and hazard evaluation to continued safe operations. We undertake hazard identification at early stages of projects in order to reduce the likelihood and severity of events associated with those hazards. Additionally our professionals perform hazards and risk assessments to verify and test operations and controls guaranteeing they are safe and robust, thus identifying deviations from normal operations and assessing safeguards are implemented to mitigate the associated risks.

Our professionals also perform GAP analyses according to specific industry standards, such as the following recommendations and practices released by the (American Petroleum Institute (API) guidelines.), among others:

API Recommended Practice 54

Recommended Practice for Occupational Health and Safety for Oil And Gas Well Drilling and Servicing Operations.

API Recommended Practice 74

Recommended Practice for Occupational Health and Safety for Onshore Oil and Gas Production Operations.

API Standard 2220

Contractor Safety Performance.