Sophisticated tax counseling is provided by an interdisciplinary group of lawyers, economists and accountants, specialized in developing tailor made solutions that merge a legal perspective with a rigorous quantitative analysis from a financial and business viewpoint. We provide value-added tax advice in domestic and cross-border transactions, aiming to achieve our client’s objectives efficiently and proficiently.

Our tax work includes corporate finance, domestic and international tax planning, transfer pricing agreements, plus restructuring transactions and other troubled company workouts. Additionally we work together with our clients to identify applicable tax benefits, undertake audits and settlements, process tax returns, resolve tax controversies and represent clients in litigation.

Acompañamos a las empresas extranjeras en el establecimiento de operaciones en el país, la correcta aplicación de los tratados de doble tributación, así como en la estructuración de fondos de inversión y capital privado, desde la planeación tributaria  hasta su puesta en funcionamiento.  A lo largo de nuestra trayectoria hemos tenido que cumplir con los requerimientos y atender asuntos fiscales ante  la Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales (DIAN), así como ante el Internal Revenue Services (IRS) de los Estados Unidos.

Value-added tax

advice in domestic and cross-border transactions


and international tax planning


pricing agreements


of tax refunds


to the requirements of the competent authorities

Shareholders' agreements

tax litigation


of double taxation treaties