Regulatory Compliance & H&S Management

The legal framework on occupational health and safety (OH&S) goes beyond the regulation of occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMs) in Decree 1072/2015 and Resolution 312/2019 of the Ministry of Labor. Legislation on this matter also provides guidance and best practices on how to address the different risks and hazards to be found in a broad array of industrial sectors.

En la firma nos especializamos en matrices legales que eficazmente cumplan con el propósito de garantizar la salud y la seguridad de los trabajadores, más allá de desarrollar documentos que solo referencian la legislación aplicable. Por lo tanto abordamos el compliance in OSH, based on the evaluation of the risks and dangers faced by the organizations with which we work, taking into account the applicable regulations and standards. Among the risks and dangers we address are the following: 


(viruses, bacteria, parasites)


(noise, lighting, vibrations)


(dust, gasses and vapors, particulate matter)


(load handling, repetitive movements, forced postures)

Safety hazards

(mechanical, electrical, working at heights, confined spaces)

In line with our preventive approach and interest in implementing effective OH&S solutions, our consultants integrate the contingency plans derived from the legal matrices to corporate communications schemes (intranet, cloud management systemsetc.). This is done to follow up on the effective implementation of the matrices and conformity guidelines.ompliance.

Additionally, we do follow-up work on the legal compliance of companies in sectors with significant exposure to risks and hazards, such as mining, oil, health and construction, taking into account the specific standards set for these industries.

Examples of the industry recommendations and practices we incorporate to our practice are the following API (American Petroleum Institute (API) guidelines::

API Recommended Practice 54

Recommended Practice for Occupational Health and Safety for Oil And Gas Well Drilling and Servicing Operations.

API Recommended Practice 74

Recommended Practice for Occupational Health and Safety for Onshore Oil and Gas Production Operations.

API Standard 2220

Contractor Safety Performance.