Our firm was founded in 2013 with the goal of implementing value-added legal and occupational health and safety (OH&S) solutions.

The expertise of our Securitas Consulting team has been the driving force of our steady growth, based on our capability to provide effective solutions for our clients. Oil & Gas we have been pioneers in implementing a dual approach which integrates legal analysis and an understanding of occupational health and safety. We aim to overcome the challenges requiring this comprehensive expertise from a business perspective.

Our commitment to our corporate and individual clients is with excellence and our goal is to be instrumental in creating value.

Our firm’s mission Securitas Consulting is to provide value-added legal and occupational health and safety solutions according to the best practices, with practicality and creativity, focused on results and implementing new technologies.

In the legal field, our goal is Securitas Consulting es crear valor mediante soluciones jurídicas prácticas que estén orientadas a obtener resultados.  En el ámbito de seguridad y salud en el trabajo el objetivo de Securitas Consulting is to crear valor create value by implementing OH&S solutions that minimize risks and dangers in the workplace, promoting a healthy and productive environment.         

EN SECURITAS CONSULTING firmly believes our clients deserve fair treatment and we fully understand they have the expectation of achieving intended outcomes. For this reason we have introduced Alternative Fees Agreements (AFAs), which integrate alternative rates and shared risk, mediante los cuales la firma asume una proporción de las potenciales contingencias de los trabajos que adelanta.

En breve: asumimos los costos en la eventualidad de no obtener los resultados esperados y, por lo tanto, alineamos nuestros intereses con los de nuestros clientes.