Investigation of Work-related Accidents

Based on our expertise we conduct investigations of occupational injuries and workplace-related accidents for our clients with the aim of minimizing accidents and absenteeism. We focus on companies that carry out high-risk tasks, in which severe and sometimes fatal occupational accidents can occur, such as working at heights, in confined spaces, or when workers are exposed to hazardous electricity, electrostatic hazards or chemical compounds, among others. Our firm has experience investigating complex fatal accidents and thus undertaking maintenance controls and measures to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Our objective is to ensure safe and efficient operations, with an emphasis on sectors such as mining, oil & gas, construction, manufacturing and health, among others. In addition, we also work with small and medium sized companies (SMEs) that carry out risky tasks and require our tailored support.

Based on our research and OH&S technical analyses, we develop and implement strategies to minimize workplace risks and prevent accidents. Our comprehensive approach allows us to identify the corrective measures required to operate in a safe environment, comply with the use of adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), install appropriate emergency signaling and exits at the workplace, and ensure due compliance with suitable safety standards. Thus we ensure operational continuity of our clients’ operations, slash absenteeism and health care costs, and avoid potential legal disputes.