Employment, Labor, Migration, and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

Securitas Consulting provides services in labor management relations, immigration matters, and occupational health and safety (OH&S) enforcement and compliance. The firm is duly licensed by Bogota’s Department of Health since 2013 and our professionals and lawyers ensure our client’s OH&S compliance incorporates not only a legal perspective, but also technical conformity with the highest applicable standards.

The firm’s lawyers provide a full range of employment and labor law services, ongoing corporate counsel, and have experience on employee-related issues. Amongst our capabilities are the following: reviewing and drafting of labor contracts, settlement of social benefits, establishing employee-related policies and procedures, employer substitutions schemes, and representing our clients in conciliations, administrative hearings, labor proceedings and litigation, and resolving inquiries from the Pension and Social Security Contributions Management Unit (Ugpp: Unidad de Gestión Pensional y Parafiscales), among other matters.

Our labor law practice covers the entire spectrum of the hiring cycle, starting from procedures for hiring and labor negotiations, planning of compensation schemes, and collective bargaining agreements and the assumption of existing agreements. The firm's attorneys also undertake dispute settlements and the termination of contracts, comprising collective redundancies and voluntary withdrawals. Additionally, we advise clients on workplace employee policies and procedures, pay equity analyses, identifying employment-related problems, drafting employment, consulting and severance agreements, and drafting pay equity guidelines, and structuring the employment aspects of corporate and restructuring transactions, such as procedures for hiring and terminating employees. Leveraging on the firm's OH&S know-how, we guide our clients in order for them to fulfill local requirements and standards in this area, as well as satisfy the duties established for their joint occupational health and safety committees (Copasst: comités partiarios de seguridad y salud en el trabajo) and labor coexistence committees (CCL: comités de convivencia laboral).Zum Arbeitsschutz und zur Einhaltung der Vorschriften zur Sicherheit und Gesundheit am Arbeitsplatz stellen wir ein interdisziplinäres Team zusammen, das nicht nur auf das gesetzliche Compliance achtet, sondern auch eine wirtschaftliche und eine technische Perspektive mitbringt. Auf dieser Grundlage setzen wir die Maßnahmen und Methoden zum Schutz der Beschäftigten vor arbeitsbedingten Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsgefährdungen um. Unsere Spezialisten begleiten den Ausschuss für Sicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz am Arbeitsplatz (Copasst: Comité Paritario de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo) und den Ausschuss für das betriebliche Zusammenleben (CCL: Comité de Convivencia Laboral), um die rechtlichen Vorschriften einzuhalten und die Leistungseffizienz des Betriebs zu steigern.

El equipo trabaja con empresas extranjeras que se establecen en Colombia y las asesora en cuanto a las implicaciones laborales de sus decisiones, la contratación de personal, el cumplimiento de la normatividad migratoria y la obtención de permisos de trabajo y residencias. En suma, la firma acompaña a las organizaciones para que superen los retos laborales que enfrentan los expatriados. Para cumplir con lo anterior dispone de un equipo multilingüe, que provee los servicios mencionados en español, inglés y alemán.

Due diligence

in labor and OSH matters

Preparation of contracts

and settlement of social benefits


of policies and regulations

Accompaniment in reconciliations

and in administrative hearings

Representation in litigation

labor and before the requirements of the Ugpp


restructuring and collective relations

Shareholders' agreements

in labor and OSH matters


of immigration regulations


of work permits and residences