Crowdfunding and Fintech

En Securitas Consulting estamos comprometidos con la innovación y el desarrollo tecnológico. De acuerdo con este propósito la firma llegó a un acuerdo con la empresa Ideas y Desarrollos Inmobiliarios MG S.A.S., enfocada en la gestión de activos inmobiliarios comerciales, industriales y residenciales, para la constitución de Terrenta S.A.

Los socios fundadores de Terrenta S.A. tienen previsto que esta se convierta en la sociedad de financiación colaborativa (Sofico) líder del segmento inmobiliario y de la construcción.

Below is the open letter from Terrenta’s co founders:

At Terrenta people come first: our team and all of those who trust us.

Before the incorporation of Terrenta S.A., its cofounders conceived and executed real estate projects that required the joint effort of several investors. Even before our venture was incorporated as a crowdfunding company, we understood that honoring the confidence vested in us is the building block of our work, growth, and future standing.

We are convinced that the success of funding projects by raising money from a large number of people is centered on the deep knowledge of the niche to be financed and, in our case, on a robust vetting process of real estate projects and businesses that are trustworthy, solid, profitable, and, consequently, deepen business dynamics. Despite integrating technology into our processes, we believe that our team is pivotal to validate the results obtained from the implementation of innovation in decision making.

People remain at the center of what we do: our team, the investors seeking high-quality deals, and the entrepreneurs in need of financing are our lifeblood. Thus people have and will always come first.

From working side by side to launching Terrenta

Gone are the days when investors came amongst our acquaintances who believed in the drive of our cofounders and their ability to obtain profitable returns on their investments. In those early days, contracts and legal details followed bold business decisions, upholding the importance of execution. This experience was valuable and followed these principles, which are now the foundation of our vision:

  • Advocate integrity and commitment towards our stakeholders
  • Maximize proficiency in order to exceed expectations
  • Build trust (inside and outside)
  • Face challenges with courage and confidence
  • Endorse continuous learning and innovation

The joint trajectory of Terrenta's founding partners, Julio César Belalcázar Santodomingo, economist and lawyer (LL.M.), and Marcello Galeano Muñoz, administrator, goes beyond business, as they have been long time friends. Each of them, separately, built a company, endorsing their drive for entrepreneurship.

Marcello and Julio complement each other, but beyond the latter and a bond tested by time, they have formed a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team, as well as a board of directors with a proven track record in successful ventures such as Tappsi, Tpaga, other Fintech (Financial Technology) initiatives, plus a deep understanding of the financial industry. The people behind Terrenta know what they are doing and are pivotal in our growth.

Innovation aimed to work for our clients

We are convinced that our technological platform is the future of real estate investments and financing. Terrenta solves the needs of companies that want to structure their own financing mechanisms and require capital on favorable terms. Additionally our technology enables access to vetted real estate opportunities, making it easier for anyone to make digital investments free of charge in previously selected and classified projects.

We have been preparing for years to develop a platform that will not only drive the real estate sector, but also bring high-quality investments within everyone's reach. Our experience, innovation, but, above all, the know-how and commitment of our team guarantees that Terrenta will exceed expectations of investors looking for profitable opportunities and entrepreneurs in need of fundings. Terrenta will remain focused on enabling companies to reach their goals and satisfy people's investment zeal.